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Nicholls Forward – FAQ

What is the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund?
Gifts to the Nicholls Forward Annual Fund are used in essential areas across the campus to sustain and improve campus facilities, provide opportunities for faculty to further their skills and create stronger learning environments, enhance the student experience and meet unexpected needs.

Why are Annual Gifts important?
Declining funding from the state has resulted in a reduced operating budget.  State funds and tuition dollars alone fail to meet the entire budget of the university.  Annual gifts augment state funds and tuition dollars and not only help maintain existing programs, but also enhance them and allow for the planning and implementation of potential new programs.

I can only give a small amount.  How will that help?
Large gifts are absolutely essential to Nicholls’ success. AND, so are modest ones. Nicholls has approximately 40,000 living alumni. When all gifts, no matter the size, are combined, they make a significant impact for Nicholls State University.

Why are gifts made through the Nicholls Foundation?
The purpose of the Nicholls Foundation is to serve as the main fundraising organization for the university where all gifts received are for the exclusive benefit of the university.  By utilizing the services of the Foundation for the appeal, it guarantees that all donations will be used as advertised and will stay on campus.

Can gifts be specific to college or area?
While we try our best to accommodate the specific desires of donors to Nicholls, the Nicholls Annual Fund is designed to give funding to areas that are presently in most need on campus.  The decision to fund these areas of the annual fund was made through numerous discussions with Nicholls administration and done in conjunction with the Nicholls strategic plan.  Additionally, the opportunity to give to specific areas will take place during the annual Give-N-Day which will be on March 19, 2019.

Why is the encouraged gift amount $70 for 10 months?
With September 23, 2018 being the 70th Anniversary of Nicholls State University’s opening, a challenge for donors giving $70 per month for 10 months, or a total gift of $700 was created.  Additionally, for donors who give at this level will receive a special 70th Anniversary Nicholls poster.

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